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There are currently 28 Active Undergraduate Brothers serving in the chapter. Bro. Brian Gaines and Bro. Derrick Williamson diligently serve as Advisor and Co-Advisor, respectively.
Below is the chapter's executive board. You may click each brother's head shot to get to know them better.  


Derrick Ashe Jr. - Senior

Kaleb Phelps - Senior

Titus Gethers- Senior

Davon Beaton - Senior

Devin Beaton -  Senior

Chancellor Rivers - Senior

Keynan Kennedy - Seniror

Donovan Price - Senior 

Xavier Peguese - Senior

Miles Phifer - Senior

Jacob Lindsey - Senior

Dean Gerald Jr. - Senior

Reilly Arford - Senior

Darvae Williams - Senior

Je'Von Fickling - Senior

Cameron Washington - Senior

Aaron Atkins - Senior

Hakeem Keith - Junior

TyQuan Spurgeon - Junior

Shamar Winston - Junior

Jacobe Harris - Junior

Christopher Davis - Junior

Jalen Williams - Junior

Sean Truesdale - Junior

Braylan Peterson - Junior

Alphonso Little Jr. - Junior

Zachary Brown - Sophomore

Austin Brown - Sophomore

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